About Aumbrosia

At Aumbrosia Essentials we Distill our essential oils ourselves. Using a stainless steel steam distiller we make fresh, clean, natural smelling essential oils. Based in the interior mountians of British Columbia, most of our oils come from wildcrafting, hand picking the plants and trees from pristine mountain ranges far from pollutants and traffic. We believe that on top of Essential OIls being beneficial because of what they’re made up of, it’s also the smell that helps us. We like to say ” The nose- knows”. Which means if you feel good smelling them – you feel good. Which is why we harvest the cleanest materials we can.

Aumbrosia Essentials is run by a couple, Adrian and Alyssa.

Being a small business enables us to have a high level of quality control along each step of the process of getting the trees in to a bottle for you. So we hope you enjoy –

The Smells of Nature

Thank you from Aumbrosia Essentials with Adrian ~ Alyssa